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I have spent more than three decades of my life in health care.  In these years, I’ve adjusted my practice and career with the implementation of auto no-fault and DRG’s, watched the introduction of HMO’s and wellness programs, thought a lot about the growing presence and influence of giant health care corporations, and stood in awe of so many advances in technology.

My journey has not been linear or steadily upward.  Obstacles haven’t always been clear nor have been the intentions of some clients.  Clarity isn’t even guaranteed in hindsight.  There are situations about which we will never know the full truth.

In health care, as in all fields, it is essential to continually hone your skills and stay current with trends.  It is all too easy, therefore, to forget some of the basic principles of working and leading people.  My purpose is to reflect on my experiences as a clinician, a manager, and a leader in what it takes to survive and, perhaps, to thrive, professionally and personally.



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