Scott and Dave_4x6

Even though we went our separate ways after junior high, I always figured that David Wallin Shaw and I would always be available to each other to talk over a coffee or a dinner.  We were friends in grade school and our families were together on most Friday and Sunday nights. In kindergarten, Dave was in love with Diane and had planned on marrying her when the right moment would present itself.  His time never came and I married Diane.

We started bumping into each other at a hospital workout gym and we were both surprised to see what kind of men we became.  When Dave was diagnosed with the disease that would kill him this weekend, he had one of his sisters contact me and we rekindled our friendship.  We found that we could still lean on each other and talk about almost anything.  These last few years have been trying for both of us, but it has been a privilege for me to spend them with Dave again.